Uribe 0013Uribe 0013Family Portrait Shoot


A few words about what will happen before, during and after the shoot…


You will book a photo shoot day and time from our website, and our office will be in touch with you on the phone to talk about what it is you desire and the vision you have, as well as answer any questions you may have. This conversation will help determine where we shoot (locations typically in the Grovetown, Evans, and Augusta, area, and will help answer the “what should we wear” question.

We will work with you in choosing from some of the best out door location in the area, one that will best suit who you are and the images you wish to capture. We have carefully selected beautiful outdoor locations, paying close attention to the backgrounds and the lighting found at the best time of day, in order to produce beautiful, luminous images. You can also make use of our indoor studio for fresh, simple, modern portraits with our green screen backgrounds system, you will have different backgrounds to choose from. Taking photos is a significant investment, and we want to ensure that your final products reflect your goals.


We will take our time and make it enjoyable for everyone! It will not be rushed and time will be allowed for your children to become comfortable and for any breaks needed. We will provide direction as to the flow of the shoot, so you can relax and enjoy being with your family. In fact, the more relaxed and the more fun you have, the more relaxed and animated your kids will be! We will suggest some “posed” shots, but will also give time for you and your children to play and be yourselves, allowing for genuine expressions and unique personalities to shine through. Tickling, tossing kids up in the air, twirling, singing, playing with leaves and having fun as a family will be highly encouraged!


Within two weeks after the session, a private online proofing gallery and shopping cart will be ready for you to choose the images you want to keep. The gallery will be up for three months. From the online proofs in the gallery, you will be able to add to the shopping cart the photos included in your chosen digital package, plus any extra individual photos.

Once the order has been paid, your portrait package of images will be shipped to you within a week.