Gladys Johnson
I love love love this photographer. He made my wedding day very special!
Chavis Tillman(non-registered)
I had a great time at my photo shoot I felt comfortable and the music in the background gave me good vibes. I didn’t want to do it but in the end I’m glad I did and I chose the right photographer!!!!
Michael S(non-registered)
I've used Hoskey Photography for several different group events, and I've never been disappointed. He really pays attention to each detail and layer of the photo. He understands what it will look like in life as well as through the camera, capturing the precise moment and memory you are seeking! Additionally, he has shown an adeptness with photo editing to great a more artistic, filtered effect, depending on your needs.
Nakliyat Yapanlar(non-registered)
Great photographer, Awesome pictures, Follow your dreams and keep up the great work. Looking forward to checking out your pictures and page. Congratulations achievements
Linda Foster(non-registered)
Hoskey photography is very experience in capturing your pure beautiful, they will assist your in pose and posture to capture your personality and your message.
Matt Cardiel(non-registered)
By far, one of the most friendly, flexible, and experienced photographers we have had the pleasure of working with to create the most beautiful family photos of our family. I would recommend Hoskey Photography to anyone and everyone.
H dawood
Mr. Hoskey is extremely talented and have the skills to meet any photography requirement for whatever event you thinking of. He covered 4 large organization events and provided first class service with high level of professionalism. the pictures came out amazing and we thank you for all the hard work you did for us. thanks again
Dakota Willener(non-registered)
Outstanding service during a Holiday party with kids and Santa. The team was committed to getting the best photos and promoting a great atmosphere for all. Phenomenal looking photos!
Anna Mitchell(non-registered)
Very good work I love the makeovers every details great thanks
Josh Albert(non-registered)
Recently My Family was involved in a Photoshoot with Hoskey Photography, I have got to say that I was thoroughly impressed. The pictures were great but what impressed me was the atmosphere that was created by Peter and Yvonne. The participants were nervous at first but through the shoot confidence increased and so was a sense of relaxation in front of the camera. It was extremely enjoyable to watch the transformation and excitement of the people involved. I recommend this experience to everyone. HoskeyPhotography is a first rate business.
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